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unjustified dogmatic judgments of insults

unjustified dogmatic judgments of insults

SAWolf13 hours ago

Optimistically delusional? There will never be peace with those that indoctrinate their 3 year old\’s into strapping on an explosive vest to murder Jews while suiciding, is a worthy way to die.

George Parker SAWolf4 hours ago

Peace means different things to everyone concerned. In islam for example, peace means when the entire world has submitted to their desert deity. As long as he keeps it vague the masses will be satisfied. While he addresses the reality of the situation.

SAWolf George Parker3 hours ago

Maybe, but I think you\’re being overly optimistic too if you believe muslims will accept a,\”Muslim\”, Planet and then stand down from their constant, internecine, violence. Just look at the ,\”Issues\”, between sunni and shia. Each labels the other apostate, and so are bound to murder the other, reinforced by their insane, meme, islam.

alpcns .15 hours ago

This is just Bibi\’s way of ratcheting up the pressure on Abbas, by rubbing in that not even his Arab \”brothers\” support him anymore, and also are sick to the back teeth of his whining, obstruction and constant refusals. All of which is excellent.

Changes are coming, whether Abbas likes it or not. In fact, he\’s effectively out of the picture already.

overseas embarrassed American15 hours ago

Peace with Palestinians doesn\’t even have meaning anymore. What kind of peace? To have peace with whoever the \”Palestinians \” are, we need to solve the final status negotiations. That\’s the sticky wicket, so unless the Arab states want to absorb the Palestinian Arabs, where will they go?

Jim Moritz13 hours ago

Unfortunately, the palestinian arabs have aligned themselves with the Iranian regime, thus joining the threat to the overall arab world.

Ian Tyson5 hours ago

Only when the Arab countries recognise that the fakestinians are a mix of their own, and the fakestinians go back to their countries of origin!

Daveed4 hours ago

Never happen as long as Islam exists. Only when Yeshua returns.


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uniusrei@protonmail.com9 hours ago

Christian Loses Sight in One Eye in Attack by Muslim Neighbors Pakistani Islamists try to drive out only Christian family on the block. By Our Pakistan Correspondent

LAHORE, Pakistan, August 28, 2018 (Morning Star News)

– A young Christian man in Karachi, Pakistan lost sight in one eye when

armed, Muslim neighbors attacked his family, his father said.

Vikram John, 25, lost sight in his left eye after Muslim neighbors who

had pressured his family to leave the neighborhood with months of

harassment beat him and other family members on the night of Aug. 18,

his father Alvin John told Morning Star News by phone.

“After exchanging a few hot words with the Muslim youths led by a

political activist named Ihsan, Vikram came inside the house,” Alvin

John said. “Moments later, bricks and stones came smashing through our

window glass and hitting our gate. The attackers threatened us, saying

to move out of the neighborhood if we wanted to stay alive as they

hurled curses and abuses on us.”

Earlier in the evening, Vikram John was involved in a minor altercation

with Muslim neighbors who had teased his 18-year-old sister, said his

father, who 10 months ago moved the family to Karachi’s Mehmoodabad

No-II neighborhood from Sahiwal District in Punjab Province.

“This wasn’t the first time they had harassed her,” he said. “For months

we had been requesting the boys’ families to stop the hooliganism, but

it seems that they had found this to be an effective tool to intimidate

us, so the harassment continued unabated.”

The Muslims have been harassing and intimidating the family, who belong

to an Assemblies of God church, since they moved into the rented house,

he said – teasing his children when they stepped out the doorway and

mocking them for being Christian.

Although there is a sizeable Christian population in the Mehmoodabad

area, the John family is the only one on their street of 15 to 20 Muslim

families, he said, adding that the neighbors tried various antics to

force them out.



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uniusrei@protonmail.com9 hours ago

Galassiah Jihadista è finanziata con le elemosine di tutti i mussulmani universaldominusuniusrei blogspot /2018/08/galassiah-jihadista-finanziata-con-le



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uniusrei@protonmail.com10 hours ago

Modi Xi-Jinping, Netanjahu Putin Trum ] mi è stato messo in blocco il computer



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uniusrei@protonmail.com10 hours ago

la Galassiah Jihadista finanziata con le elemosine di tutti i mussulmani del mondo ha la stessa shariah della LEGA ARABA, ma, per Imam Onu va bene così: \”bravo bravo bravo\” ] Kidnapped Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu Appeals for Rescue in Audio Recording, Reports Say Government analyzing voice that father says is that of his daughter. By the Editor

August 28, 2018 (Morning Star News)

– In an audio recording revealed yesterday, kidnapped Christian

schoolgirl Leah Sharibu appeals to the government of Nigeria to win her

release from Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, according to several

published sources.

Boko Haram released more than 100 schoolgirls about four weeks after kidnapping them on Feb. 19 but held Leah, 15, because she refused to convert to Islam, Morning Star News revealed on March 26.

In the audio recording obtained by a journalist for Nigerian online news outlet The Cable, Leah says in her native Hausa that she wants the government and “people of goodwill” to rescue her.

“I am begging you to treat me with compassion, I am calling on the

government, particularly, the president, to pity me and get me out of

this serious situation,” she says on the audio.



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uniusrei@protonmail.com10 hours ago

kill aliens abductions

22:08 28.08.2018 | mondo/201808286423236-usa-turchia-s400-mattis/

Cina Russia India ] io pretendo che voi riconosciate Gerurasalemme come capitale dello Stato ebraico: SUBITO.

io ho trovato questo dialogo nella mia posta, ma, non in disqus

NRApatriot ha risposto Lunedì 27 agosto

Cina Russia India ] potrebbe non esserci più il tempo di poterlo ripetere, voi datemi il mio Regno di Israele, o miliardi di persone possono scendere all\’inferno!

Tutti questi terremoti ed eruzioni vulcaniche sono Gei-Hinnom che si ingrandisce sette volte in modo da ospitare tutti coloro che stanno andando lì molto presto !!!

All these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are Gei-Hinnom enlarging itself seven times over in order to accommodate all those who are going there very soon!!!

uniusrei@protonmail.com11 hours ago

non possiamo avere un #FICO traditore nel Governo, lui deve essere

sfiduciato! @a_meluzzi @matteosalvinimi @GiorgiaMeloni @luigidimaio

@vitocontesi @GiuseppeConteIT



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uniusrei@protonmail.com12 hours ago

Putin MODI Xi-jinping] Kabbalah Islamic target shariah: as of the Kabbalah of the synagogue of FED FMI satan (the only demonic association of the NWO) is to divide the nations about the strategic strategic objective: of the Kingdom of God, which is to realize the Kingdom of ISRAEL.

if we do not realize the Kingdom of Israel we will plunge into the world war, where the ARABA LEAGUE plans to swallow another 50 nations!

the disagreement in OCI LEGA ARABA is fictitious, because only one demon is in Mecca Kaaba!

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel means destroying the monopolistic US vision

Putin MODI Xi-jinping ] obiettivo della Kabbalah Islamica shariah: come della Kabbalah della sinagoga di SpA FED FMI satana (unico sodalizio demoniaco del NWO ) è quello di dividere le Nazioni circa l\’obiettivo cruciale strategico: del Regno di Dio, che è realizzare il Regno di ISRAELE.

se non realizzeremo il Regno di Israele noi precipiteremo nella guerra mondiale, dove la LEGA ARABA progetta di inghiottire altre 50 Nazioni!

il dissidio in OCI LEGA ARABA è fittizio, perché un solo demonio è a Mecca Kaaba!

Riconoscere Gerusalemme come Capitale di Israele, significa distruggere la visione USA monopolistica



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Susan Feit uniusrei@protonmail.com12 hours ago

uniusrei.. What on earth are you writing? It all sounds jiberish !!


Share › Susan Feit11 hours ago

It all sounds jiberish?

so if, you\’re not sure what it is: why, you come to dirty the space of this page?

e allora se, tu non sei sicura di cosa è: perché, tu vieni a sporcare lo spazio di questa pagina?



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Susan Feit uniusrei@protonmail.com3 hours ago

Sir ! With what language are you communicating ?


Share › Susan Feit2 hours ago

italian language,

but with traslator speak any language



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Eli Williams13 hours ago




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uniusrei@protonmail.com13 hours ago

Putin riconosce Gerusalemme come capitale dello Stato Ebraico! //yeshua-ha-mashiach-notzri.blogspot /2018/08/putin-riconosce-gerusalemme-come



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uniusrei@protonmail.com13 hours ago

kill aliens abductions: lo pretendo! 19:20 28.08.2018 | sptnkne ws/ghCk

quando Putin riconosce Gerusalemme come capitale dell\’Israele?

oppure ha paura dela reazione dei palestinesi?



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uniusrei@protonmail.com14 hours ago

questo è il lato sporco e cattivo e perverso del M5S-Pd #sessofluido #dittaturaGENDER alto tradimento il signoraggio bancario.


Fico fa l\’anti Lega e strizza l\’occhio alla sinistra. Ma nel

Movimento nessuno è disposto a seguirlo.



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cammo9912 hours ago

Hamas has demonstrated that sectarian interests will not give way to Islamist aspirations. Now that McCain is out of the picture the heavy weight in the GOP who opposed making the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization designate (Even though he was for Mubarak\’s removal but the Egyptian Army rather than the MB instead.) McCain liked to play both sides of the fence that\’s not moderation that is infantilism.


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uniusrei@protonmail.com14 hours ago

excellent results for Netanjahu, no doubt, but where is the threat?

the ARABA LEAGUE is a hypocritical fiction: against the rest of the world, and we must not bite its spells, certainly it is not me or Trump and Putin to finance the jihadist galaxy!

the Koran remains the uncreated word that can not be interpreted,

they are without a council since the days of Muhammad,

Islam shariah is a genocide without laicity, they are Erdogan Wahhabiti paranoid, religious maniacs, and this is a tunnel of death crazy, without hope of redemption: for all mankind!

and this must be said: I do not recognize the false masonic idol: scam banking seigniorage: demon-cracy of Israel without monetary sovereignty, and therefore Israel will remain without legitimacy until it NOT becomes my theocracy!

ottimi risultati per Netanjahu, senza dubbio, ma, dove è la minaccia?

la LEGA ARABA è un finzione ipocrita: contro tutto il resto del mondo, e non bisogna abboccare ai suoi sortilegi, certo non sono io o Trump e Putin a finanziare la galassiah jihadista!

il corano rimane la parola increata che non può essere interpretata,

loro sono senza un concilio dai tempi di Maometto,

Islam shariah è un genocidio senza laicità, paranoici, maniaci religiosi, e questo è un imbuto di morte senza speranza di redenzione: per tutto il genere umano!

e questo deve essere detto io non riconoscono la falsa demonio-crazia di Israele senza sovranità monetaria, e quindi Israele rimarrà senza legittimità finché non diventerà la mia teocrazia!



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Jim Moritz uniusrei@protonmail.com13 hours ago

Do you really think anyone reads your nonsensical diatribes?



Share › Jim Moritz11 hours ago

pity that, from that in your brain sphincter do not leave any, topics for discussion

peccato che, da quel tuo cervello sfintere demonio non escono argomenti di discussione



Share › Jim Moritz12 hours ago

and why do you repeat continuously, all your nonsense?

I express concepts,

you express unjustified dogmatic judgments of insults,

what if you were not in a coward?

then, of course you would have already, dealt/fight with me about some argument

Who is that demon Rothschild Morgan Soros that sent you?

e perché tu lo ripeti continuamente, il tuo non senso?

io esprimo concetti,

tu esprimi immotivati giudizi di insulti,

che, se tu non fossi in vigliacco?

poi, certo mi avresti già affrontato circa una qualche argomentazione,

chi è quel demonio che ti ha mandato?


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